What is Mexoryl SX?

Dermatologists all agree the sun is the biggest culprit for premature wrinkles and leathery skin. Mexoryl SX/XL is the strongest and most effective FDA approved organic sunscreen designed to protect against BOTH UVA and UVB types of damaging rays from the sun. Other sunscreens only provide protection against one type of ray. Sold under the Anthelios brand name (all Anthelios products contain Mexoryl), Mexoryl is the highest photostable (does not break down in the sun) sunblock available.

Anthelios Mexoryl is the first sun filter approved by the FDA in 18 years! A true breakthrough technology in sun protection against premature wrinkles and sun damage!

Product Availability Overall Rating Price
Anthelios XL Cream SPF 60 Now 5 stars $26.00
Anthelios XLSPF45 Cream Mexoryl Now 4.5 stars $29.00
Hydraphase UV SPF30 w Mexoryl Now 4.5 stars $35.00

#1 Product One #2 Product Two #3 Product Three
Anthelios XL Cream SPF60

Quality: excellent
Protection: maximum
Recommendation: For the strongest overall sun protection.

anthelios xl cream

Anthelios XL SPF45 w Mexoryl

Quality: excellent
Protection: high
Recommendation: Smooth and creamy texture, easy to put on.

anthelios lait

Hydraphase SPF30 w Mexoryl

Protectiont: for face and moisturization Recommendation: Excellent combination of both daily sun protection and moisturizer

hydraphase mexoryl

Review: Review: Review:
  • Protects you from extreme exposure to sun
  • Sun sensitive skin such as those with fair skin or rosacea can use this
  • Protects you from further damage to healing scars
  • Individuals at risk of hyperpigmentation (melasma, oral contraceptives)
  • Sunscreen protection for Face and body
  • Perfect For Active lifestyles
  • Light texture, doesn't feel greasy on your skin
  • Hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, non-greasy effect
  • Excellent for fair skin
  • Especially for sensitive skin
  • The one for acne prone skin
  • Excellent for oily combo skin types


  • Re moisturize and protect from normal daily sun damage
  • Use morning and night
  • Like Anthelios SX but with higher SPF protection (SPF 30 vs SPF 15)
  • Contains Sodium Hyaluronate for targeted moisturization of dry areas
  • Contains Mexoryl SX and titanium dioxide for normal to dry skin types with dehydrated areas
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Why everyone should use sun protection daily :

Besides the dangers of melanoma and skin cancer, the sun is the biggest cause of early wrinkles and thick leathery skin. Only by using sun protection daily can you continue to enjoy the great outdoors without risking sun damage and premature face lines.

Mexoryl SX (also called ecamsule) and Mexoryl XL are highly effective chemical sun filters widely used in sunscreens throughout Europe and Canada. Available commercially in the popular Anthelios sunscreen brand of mexoryl sunscreen by La Roche Posay. Mexoryl sunscreens are often combined with other sun filters to deliver effective broad range UVA and UVB sun protection. Because of the synergy of the Mexoryl molecule with other sun filters, it is possible to formulate very high SPF formulations, such as those offered in Anthelios XL SPF 60 or Anthelios XL cream SPF45 with Mexoryl.

Clearly the strongest and most effective sunscreens available are Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl XL. Experience the greatest protection available on the planet.

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